Veritas, Inc. loves these tips on how to build a professional network in college

Veritas, Inc. knows how competitive the job market is.  With May graduation just around the corner, the timing is perfect to make sure your professional network is as strong as possible.

#1. Meet as Many People as You Can

While you are studying in college, you should never hesitate to meet with as many people as possible. You never know who you meet by regularly interacting with a wide variety of people.

#2. Connect Online

Thanks to the emergence of social media, you can now use a range of social networking platforms to connect with influential people online. Participate in online conversations on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus among others. Get in touch with employers, industry experts, recruiting agencies, passionate people etc.

#3. Listen More Than You Talk

If you want to expand your network and benefit from it too, you need to become an active listener. Listening is a great skill, which you can use to attract a lot of people. So, don’t just speak. Let other people share their point of views. And learn from what they say.

college networking

#4. Attend Social Events

Many college students are too shy to attend social functions. This is not the right attitude if you aspire to achieve career success. Whether a social event is organized by your college or the community where you live, you can use this as an excellent opportunity for connecting with influential people.

To get social online, LinkedIn is a great place to network with fellow students. More at 7 Ways College Students Can Benefit from LinkedIn.

#5. Be a Conversation Starter

It’s always advisable not to wait for the other person to approach you or start talking to you. Be ready to take the lead and start the conversation yourself if the other person is not very comfortable.

#6. Make People Feel Important

People like to be heard. They want to be felt important. If you have the capability to make other people feel important, you can easily grab their attention. It is a great skill to connect to a lot of people and expand your network even while you are in college.

#7. Get Rid of the Fear of Rejection

When you start meeting people, you may have some fear of being rejected as well. Many people won’t simply want to connect. Don’t let this fear hold you back. Step up and march ahead. Always be positive!

The professional networking that you do while in college can pay great dividends when you are out in the real world. Your network of contacts can bring you plenty of career development benefits. Start using the above mentioned tips and start to build you network right away.

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