Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Corporate Functions in Georgia

Veritas Inc reviews company functions in Atlanta, Georgia. Veritas Inc Atlanta is a sales and customer retention firm specializing in professional in-person representation for Fortune 500 companies. Large corporations hire Veritas Inc due to the company’s speed to market, excellent track record, scalability, and professionalism. Veritas Inc jobs offer professional development and an uncapped advancement structure. Although Veritas Inc Atlanta isn’t a start-up company, the management team still operates it with the intensity of one.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews

Veritas Inc Reviews Marketing Solutions

The practice of outsourcing sales and marketing efforts has been around for over twenty years. While this practice isn’t new by any means, Veritas Inc employees review several areas of innovative campaign development to spur new growth in otherwise untapped market segments.

Veritas Inc Atlanta

Veritas Inc Atlanta services larger corporations in the immediate metropolitan area. While the management staff is focused on scaling current marketing campaigns and penetrating the market even further, they are also heavily involved in professional development of their staff. A manager at Veritas Inc reviews the company’s expansion philosophy: “We can only grow as quickly as the individuals within. So, it is in our best interest to not only make sure our employees have the tools to succeed with the basic entry level role, but to also make sure that they are learning the tools to be future leaders of our company.”

As employees begin their career at the entry level within Veritas Inc, they are continually groomed into higher positions with more responsibility and accountability. Veritas Inc jobs provide full training, executive coaching, career advancement opportunities, and a merit-based promotion structure where the hardest working individuals get rewarded for their results.

Veritas Inc (Atlanta, GA) | 3715 Northside Pkwy NW, Building 200 Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 404-869-0015

As most other sales and marketing companies hire employees as 1099 contract workers, Veritas Inc hires staff as W-2 employees. This provides more control over the sales quality and overall customer experience than hiring a contract worker. Outsourced sales and marketing is one of the fastest growing business service fields in the world today. Revenues are expected to exceed $100 billion within the next few years. The team at Veritas Inc Atlanta is definitely aware of this and is positioned to expand accordingly.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Employee Advancement Opportunities

While Veritas Inc jobs may be challenging, they are definitely rewarding. Veritas Inc employees review both company and individual goals on a weekly basis, always striving to hit the next tier of success. Some of the goals of Veritas Inc Atlanta are to expand into three additional markets by years-end, continually add new clients and campaign development opportunities for its top performers, and to drive additional sales while improving upon customer retention strategies.

One of the core beliefs at Veritas Inc is ‘Internal Merit Based Advancement.’ By only hiring managers from within the company’s internal ranks, the company continues to build upon the existing credibility of its services with its clients. Furthermore, management at Veritas Inc reviews candidacy for the upper-ranks based on merit and consistency of results. The top sales performers are not necessarily the most valuable assets to the company. The ability to consistently perform in the areas of sales quality, customer retention, training and coaching of subordinates, administration, and client relations are what launch a top-performing employee to the ranks of management.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Georgia

Veritas Inc Atlanta Jobs

Veritas Inc  jobs all begin as an entry level representative, as stated above. In order for someone to be truly successful in the industry of sales and marketing, they must possess the following characteristics:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Communications Ability
  • Dependability
  • Competitive Spirit
  • Professionalism
  • Detail Oriented
  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Student Mentality
  • Sense of Humor
  • Ability to Multitask

Veritas Inc Atlanta Jobs

Veritas Inc Atlanta Address and Contact Info
3715 Northside Pkwy NW, Building 200 Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30327 | 404-869-0015

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Veritas, Inc. loves these tips on how to build a professional network in college

Veritas, Inc. knows how competitive the job market is.  With May graduation just around the corner, the timing is perfect to make sure your professional network is as strong as possible.

#1. Meet as Many People as You Can

While you are studying in college, you should never hesitate to meet with as many people as possible. You never know who you meet by regularly interacting with a wide variety of people.

#2. Connect Online

Thanks to the emergence of social media, you can now use a range of social networking platforms to connect with influential people online. Participate in online conversations on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus among others. Get in touch with employers, industry experts, recruiting agencies, passionate people etc.

#3. Listen More Than You Talk

If you want to expand your network and benefit from it too, you need to become an active listener. Listening is a great skill, which you can use to attract a lot of people. So, don’t just speak. Let other people share their point of views. And learn from what they say.

college networking

#4. Attend Social Events

Many college students are too shy to attend social functions. This is not the right attitude if you aspire to achieve career success. Whether a social event is organized by your college or the community where you live, you can use this as an excellent opportunity for connecting with influential people.

To get social online, LinkedIn is a great place to network with fellow students. More at 7 Ways College Students Can Benefit from LinkedIn.

#5. Be a Conversation Starter

It’s always advisable not to wait for the other person to approach you or start talking to you. Be ready to take the lead and start the conversation yourself if the other person is not very comfortable.

#6. Make People Feel Important

People like to be heard. They want to be felt important. If you have the capability to make other people feel important, you can easily grab their attention. It is a great skill to connect to a lot of people and expand your network even while you are in college.

#7. Get Rid of the Fear of Rejection

When you start meeting people, you may have some fear of being rejected as well. Many people won’t simply want to connect. Don’t let this fear hold you back. Step up and march ahead. Always be positive!

The professional networking that you do while in college can pay great dividends when you are out in the real world. Your network of contacts can bring you plenty of career development benefits. Start using the above mentioned tips and start to build you network right away.

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Veritas Inc Atlanta Jobs

Veritas Inc Atlanta Jobs – Worth It?

Veritas Inc Atlanta jobs offer a variety of things, but are they worth it to you? In this post, we will present a unique Veritas Inc Atlanta job review. Of course it’s biased, but aren’t they all in one way or another?

veritas inc atlanta jobsAll employment at Veritas Inc Atlanta begins at the entry level. Every single one of our managers started there. So, you can expect nothing different. We fully believe that by starting all of our staff at the entry level, we can train our future managers to be the best in the business. Although management experience provides a lot of transferable skills…they don’t necessarily make a great manager. What makes a great manager at Veritas Inc Atlanta is a strong work ethic, a great attitude, awesome communication skills, ability to coach and motivate a workforce, holding employees accountable, and setting the pace on a daily basis.

So you might still be asking, are Veritas Inc Atlanta jobs worth it?

Just take a look at some of these other jobs: Then look at this job at Veritas Inc.

You’ll see that every one of the companies that are hiring requires their candidates to have experience in highly related jobs before they can get a position. If you are fresh out of school or are looking to transition into a different industry, doesn’t this seem like a ‘catch 22?’

At Veritas, Inc, you can be assured that we require no experience in the field. In fact, we actually prefer no experience. It makes it so much easier to train people. What we at Veritas Inc in prefer in our Atlanta job applicants is a strong desire to succeed, a willingness to learn, and reliability. Everything else is fairly negotiable.

Veritas Inc Job Functions

The functions of the job are pretty cut and dry. As an entry level employee, a person gets trained in all aspects of professional sales and marketing initiatives. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting in-person presentations, closing sales, up-selling, retaining customers, and learning marketing theories and sales applications.

While this may seem pretty basic, it is extremely important that someone gets the basics down before we advance them into higher positions within our company. Have you ever had a manager who didn’t really know how to do their job, let alone YOURS? Of course you have. We all have. Starting everyone at the entry level position just makes sense in order to build credibility down the road.

As an employee progresses past the basic entry level job, they are taught how to manage small teams, hold daily meetings, conduct performance reviews, and how to mentor and coach other workers effectively.

Opportunities Past the Lower Level Job

There are several opportunities for advancement at Veritas Inc. In fact, that’s the biggest reason that people work here!

While many people on the job hunt are looking for security, a few people out there are looking for opportunities. Where there are opportunities, there are challenges. Just think f it this way, if it wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it.

while Veritas has grown tremendously over the past few years, we still have an extensive list of clients that need representation. While this may seem challenging for most, for some it is exactly the sort of vehicle they need to get to where they are going.

Veritas Inc Atlanta jobs: Worth It?

I can’t tell you if the entry level account manager position at Veritas Inc Atlanta is worth it to you or not. You may be one of those people that craves a typical office job. That’s okay, but that isn’t what this company has to offer. For more information, visit our job Veritas, Inc Atlanta resource website.

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Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews REVEALING Interview Tactics

Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews interviewing for the entry level position. While the job boards do a pretty good job of detailing the requirements and description of the entry level job at Veritas Inc Atlanta, this page will give the management team’s opinion of recruiting and the inside secrets of the interview process.

Veritas Inc is steadily growing, and has been for the past ten years. While the executive team of Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews more expansion opportunities and is always setting its sights on additional entrepreneurial ventures for its staff, the team also is determined to provide its current clients with the best service in Atlanta.

Expansion will always require additional manpower. No matter the industry, savvy businesses recruit top talent for their positions, whether they be entry level or executive. The internal promotion structure allows management at Veritas Inc Atlanta to distinguish top talent from average, and only the top performers in the company are promoted into the upper echelon positions. While training individuals for management, the performance of Veritas Inc employees are reviewed on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. Through consistently high marks and reviews, an employee is eligible for promotion. These reviews are not based on opinion; they are based on clear-cut expectations and goals.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Complaints

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews the Definition of ‘Top Talent’

Every industry has specific requirements for entry level positions. Most of these requirements are centered on experience. But just how does a person go about getting experience in the first place? It seems like a catch 22 doesn’t it? The Veritas Inc Atlanta opinion on the matter is, yes. So the company is aiming to reshape the face of the job search.

Management at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews what ‘top talent’ means to the company: “What we do here at Veritas Inc isn’t really all that complicated, but it definitely is hard work. The demands of the position are challenging and dynamic, so we are looking for individuals who match those demands. We look for professionalism, integrity, work ethic, communication skills, a positive attitude and outlook, and problem solving skills. Everything else, we believe, can be trained.”

Top talent isn’t always the top performer right out of the gates. In the company’s expansion initiatives, administration at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews several resumes throughout the course of the week, and hand picks the most promising candidates. It doesn’t stop there though. These candidates must pass three interviews in order to work for Veritas Inc.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews the Interview Process

Veritas Inc Atlanta ReviewsThroughout the course of the week, the administration team at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews hundreds of resumes. After shuffling through all of them, select candidates are brought in for a brief preliminary interview. This interview serves as a meet-and-greet and allows both the job applicant and management at Veritas Inc to ask preliminary questions and get a feel for what one another are looking for.

If the job applicant passes the preliminary interview, they will be brought in for a second, more in-depth interview. This may either be a job shadow, or a more in-depth sit down interview. During this second interview at Veritas Inc Atlanta, the responsibilities of the position are discussed more in detail and may even be demonstrated to the prospective employee. The interviewee must be able to pass this interview based on communication skills, their ability to understand the material presented by staff, current Veritas Inc Atlanta employees’ review of the candidate’s abilities, and their degree of professionalism.

The third and final interview at Veritas is another sit-down with a company executive. During this final debriefing period, both parties discuss employee benefits, pay and salary scales, and the potential added value of the job applicant in the company’s future success.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Employment Requirements

After all three interviews are conducted; the staff of Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews the prospective employee’s performance, and comes to a final decision. The entire interview process can take as little as three days – up to a month, pending availability of current company staff and the availability of the job candidate.

Thanks for reading Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Revealing Interview Tactics. Stop by frequently for more up-dates and information on Veritas Inc Atlanta!

Veritas Inc Atlanta Employee Reviews


Veritas Inc Reviews

Veritas Inc Atlanta

3715 Northside Parkway
Building 200, Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30327

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At Veritas Inc., we believe the success of a company is in direct correlation with the success and happiness of its workforce. We value integrity and work ethic, as we believe they are imperative instruments in the evolution of a thriving company.

Our owner, Edward Cunliffe, grew up in Surrey England.  He began as a sales representative and, through his work ethic, became manager of his office.  He has opened more than 50 offices from Charlotte, NC to Seattle, WA.
Read more about Veritas Inc. at our website, or check out Edward Cunliffe’s personal site for more information about us.
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